DEVELOPMENT ::: Our Brand Story

Thomas Smalley (17) Creator of 'Full Stop Apparel'
The brand name Full Stop was created under the circumstances of covid-19. Since everything was closed , cancelled and full lockdown restrictions so we could not see people close to us. 
During this period I grew very bored very quickly and since my higher exams were cancelled, school shut and I was unable to socialise with friends like we could normally.
I wanted to put an end to my boredom and tried something new , something outside of my comfort zone - so I put a Full Stop on my boredom and wanted to start using my time in lockdown to my fullest potential.
I looked and unlocked my creative side to help me build my designs of full stop apparel. My Business launched on the 18th of July 2020 and it has been picked up in the Press and Journal , Evening Express , Inverurie Herald and Grampian Online.
Using my skills in developing my website I was approached to help out my local community. I transferred my skills to help Methlick Parish Church to set up there art auction that they have every two years.
I managed to set up an online website where people would be able to bid on an item of art throughout a 10 day auction. We managed to raise £1,597 and also got publicity in the local newspapers.
Since starting Full Stop Apparel I have been studying Business HNC level at Aberdeen campus of Nescol to help develop my business even further.  
Thomas Smalley (17)
Aberdeen , Scotland